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   I'm so grateful you took the time to checkout my website. As an artist I love experiencing life through travel, books, and artistic expression. As a philanthropist it is my heart's rhythm to share those experiences with the world.

Fun facts: 

  • Traveled to 46 states, 10 countries, 4 continents and counting.

  • Featured in Essence Magazine

  • Voted PEOPLE Magazine's Most Beautiful Real Woman 

  • Ms. Black USA '18

  • Booked my 1st audition ever (it was a National Commercial!)

  • I like watching baseball (or any live sport)

  • My dad refused to let me play football, despite my obvious skills (lol)

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Mercedez

   BTW! If you're a girl in need of a mentor or friend checkout my nonprofit Flawless Grace Inc. If you want to be a part of a network of women supporting women, join If you want to just learn more about the word of God and/or my testimony shoot me a DM on IG

Chat soon,

Stay in Touch

For Acting:

Manager: CGEM Talent 

Agent: Jana VanDyke Agency

For Philanthropy:

Black Tie Management

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